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Every play $upports Canadian nurses

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What is Claps That Count?

Claps that Count is a track created to provide continuing support and recognition for the tireless efforts of our nurses during the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

The nurses on the frontline have been called heroes and we feel that they should be rewarded as such. Clapping from our balconies and porches showed support, but we’ve created claps that count for more, that can help our nurses with digital donations.


Playing this track on Spotify or Apple Music helps towards gaining cash royalties, all of which will go directly to the Canadian Nurses Foundation Covid-19 Fund. The fund helps pay for mental health services for nurses as well as financing scholarships and research for the next generation of heroes.

So please go and stream it softly or boom it from your balcony, we'd like you to keep this celebration of beats on repeat so we can continue to thank the nurses who risk their lives to save ours.


If you want to show additional support please donate any dollars you can spare directly to the COVID-19 fund via the button below.